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MissieHello, I'm Missie, the owner of Little Green Branches. I'm a mom of four young children, local to East Lansing. I love my job for so many reasons.  Let me tell you a little bit about myself and how I got here.

Seven years ago I became a stay at home mom of two toddlers. We tried to live frugally and naturally. This prompted me to start researching different ways to keep our family healthy. I learned how to cloth diaper from my friend Stephanie White, another mom that owned Z Bear Diapers, a local cloth diapering store. I also learned herbalism and healthy eating from my friend, The Modern Hippie. At this point, I began making herbal teas, tinctures, soaps, lotions, balms, and more with other friends. We also began raising our own chickens and eggs. Very soon these became entrepreneurial endeavors. We were selling my botanicals, vegetables, poultry, and eggs at local farmers markets. In early 2014 I learned that  Stephanie was selling her store, now named Little Green Branches. It was a perfect fit for me so I took the leap. In the past two years, along with my amazing team, we have expanded our product lines in every department, especially babywearing. We offer an array of classes, workshops, and private consults. We sponsor and support the Mid-Michigan Babywearers, a local branch of the Willow Tree Family.  We also regularly host the Lansing Doula Network for talks in our shop. In the spring of 2016, we were featured in the Lansing City Pulse. Little Green Branches loves being part of our local community. We are members of the Meridian Area Business AssociationCapitol Area Local First,  and volunteer for Willow Tree Family Center.

We have an amazing loyalty program here at Little Green Branches that will keep you coming back!  In January of 2016 we instated our "Six Box" rewards program.  Here is how it works: You fill out a card with your information on it and we keep it on file for you. That means, no more keeping track of a punch card among the numerous other rewards cards you may have in your purse or wallet :)  When you come in to make a purchase, simply tell us your name and we will record your total on your card.  Once you have come in six times and filled all Six Boxes, you get to spend FREE MONEY in the store! We will total your card and you are rewarded a percentage of the total that you have spent over the last six visits.  Once you have filled two cards, you become a Platinum Level customer and the percentage of rewards doubles!  *For complete rules and exclusions please refer to our store policies page here

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