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Didymos Turquoise Prima (Hemp Blend) Size 6

Didymos Turquoise Prima (Hemp Blend) Size 6


A gorgeous hemp prima release: Turquoise Hemp Prima. The sibling to Flamenco Hemp Prima. This is a gorgeous addition the hemp prima family. 

This is a dobby weave (woven on a dobby loom instead of a jacquard loom) woven in turquoise cotton threads and hemp white threads. 

60% cotton

40% hemp

Weight: 270 gm/m2

Original release date: 18 October 2013

This is a nice, cushy thick hemp blend. Typically, hemp provides awesome toddler support.

Many of us baby our wraps when it comes to washing. Hemp is one fabric that does not need to be overly babied. Hemp is dense and fibrous. It is and incredibly strong, durable fabric. If you want your hemp wraps to be buttery soft, you will need to break down the hemp fibers (because lets face it, that's what breaking in a wrap is--breaking down the fibers). Heat is going to do that. Many people prefer to wash in warm or hot water and tumble dry on warm or high heat. I do dry my hemp on medium heat and then remove it when damp to air dry.  A good steam ironing will also help the breaking in process. Hemp is one of the few fibers that can take the heat and hold up remarkably well. You do not need to wash in warm water or do a warm tumble dry to break hemp in, but the heat is going to hasten the process without the typical wear. 

This will most likely be a thicker wrap that will provide good support for bigger babies and toddler. 

Hemp tends to retain heat, so it can be warmer to wear in hotter temperatures.

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