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OsoCozy Bamboo Cotton Prefolds 6 Packs

OsoCozy Bamboo Cotton Prefolds 6 Packs


OsoCozy Indian prefolds are 100% cotton twill weave cloth diapers. They start out incredibly soft and absorbent, and they become even softer with washing. Wash these cloth diapers a few times in hot water, and they fluff up beautifully! As with all cloth prefolds these will shrink 5-10%. 

How many layers? The 3-part number (4x6x4) refers to the number of fabric layers in each of the three panels of the prefold, with the middle panel being the thickest. Most home users prefer the heavier 4x8x4 prefolds because of the added absorbency. Most diaper services use 4x6x4 prefolds to cut down energy and time needed for drying, and they supply enough diapers for frequent diaper changes. If you are washing at home, start with 4x8x4 then size down if you find those too bulky for your baby.

Size || Layering || Dimensions ||  Baby Weight

Infant ||  4x8x4 || 12"x16" || 7-15 lbs 

Premium || 4x8x4 || 14.5"x22" || 15-30 lbs

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