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Third Day Botanicals Teething Tea

Third Day Botanicals Teething Tea

Teething Tea ~ Growing up is hard sometimes, especially when you are cutting teeth.  Give your baby relief from pain and the ability to rest with our one of a kind natural remedy.  All of the herbs in this blend are safe from ages 0-99.  Serving suggestion: Steep strong, allow to cool to warm, then pour over ice in a sippy or bottle.  Serve 30-60 minutes before nap or bedtime.  Most babies will not drink the tea like you or I would, they may just seem to "play" with the sippy or bottle.  As long as they get a little in their mouth, it will be enough to have effect.  The whole cloves will numb their gums and the herbs will help them sleep. Extra tea may be stored for up to 24 hours in the refrigerator.  If baby is old enough, you may add honey for flavor.

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