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Tula Woven Priya Orchid Size 5

Tula Woven Priya Orchid Size 5


ル 100% cotton and 100% badass
ル Medium weight wrap (270 +/- 30 GSM)
ル Special finishing process makes this wrap soft andᅠdoes not require very much breaking in.
ル High quality, 100% cotton with ヨko-TexᅠStandard 100 certificate
ル Woven in Poland
Ideal for newborns and older children

Tula Wovens areᅠjacquard wrapsᅠspecifically designed and woven for Tula.ᅠSimilar to a stretchy wrap, a woven wrap is a piece ofᅠsoftᅠfabric thatᅠcan be usedᅠto safely wear your child in a variety of carries. Woven wraps are very versatile and supportiveᅠallowing front, back, and hip position carries.ᅠ

Tula wovens are ready to wear when received and do not need to be washed immediately. The wrap will become softer, and moldable, the more you wear your baby.

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